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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

South Sudan Engages in Constructive Dialogue on Human Rights with UN Commission

Juba, 12 February 2024- (MFA&IC) – The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hon. Amb. Dr. James Pitia Morgan, held a productive meeting with Ms. Yasmin Sooka, Chairperson of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.

The meeting, which took place at the minister’s office, aimed to address concerns raised in the UN Human Rights Report regarding the human rights situation in the country.

During the discussion, Minister Morgan provided a comprehensive account of the government’s stance on the report. He emphasized the government’s commitment to improving the human rights landscape in South Sudan and acknowledged certain disagreements and concerns regarding factual issues presented in the report.

Minister Morgan also highlighted the historical context of South Sudan as a young democracy emerging from colonization.

Ms. Sooka commended the minister for his openness and expressed gratitude for the constructive dialogue.

The UN Commissioner acknowledged that the meeting helped clarify misconceptions and recognized the government’s commitment to enhancing human rights issues in the country.

Ms. Sooka stressed the importance of implementing the provisions of Chapter 5 in the Revitalized Peace Agreement, which plays a significant role in building institutions and improving human rights.

The meeting also focused on transitional justice and strengthening the judicial system, particularly in promoting civic and political space and combating sexual violence.

Minister Morgan reaffirmed President Kiir’s commitment to peace and expressed willingness to cooperate with the UN Commission on Human Rights.