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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

Ministry staff extend warm welcome to new Minister

07 Sept 2023, Juba, SOUTH SUDAN –  Staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation organized a reception for the new minister on Thursday, as he took up his new position as head of the institution.

Hon. James Pitiya Morgan received a warm welcome, amid jubilation and ululations from the staff. On hand to receive him were former Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hon. Deng Dau Deng, Undersecretary Ambassador Mayen Dut Wol, Directors General, senior diplomats and staff.  

Hon. Morgan praised his predecessor for the hard work and dedication he put in throughout his seven months as acting minister.

“I have come here to work with you so that we can be able to achieve our goals and foreign policy. We have only one foreign policy, and we work to advance that. I want to thank our President”, said Hon. Morgan.

He further called on the staff of the Ministry to foster team spirit in their work, adding that he expected to pursue a more participatory approach in managing the affairs of the Ministry.

Meanwhile, Hon. Deng congratulated the new minister on his appointment and urged the staff to extend to Hon. Morgan the same level of cooperation they accorded him. He also wished the new minister well in his new assignment.

“This is a noble occasion today; we must celebrate when we are appointed as well as when we are going out. I will continue to support this Ministry from the Parliament Chamber. I will work with my colleagues at the Foreign Affairs Committee to ensure that the challenges facing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are adequately addressed. That’s how we can build our country”, said former Acting Minister Hon. Deng Dau Deng Malek.

Undersecretary Ambassador Wol introduced the new minister, as he expressed gratitude to President Salva Kiir for bestowing trust upon him.

President Kiir appointed Ambassador Morgan on 31 August.  He took the oath of office on 04 Sept 2023.

The new Minister previously served as South Sudan’s Head of Mission in Ethiopia, Permanent Representative to the African Union (AU) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) in Addis Ababa.