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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

Minister of Foreign Affairs Meets with IGAD Special Envoy on South Sudan

9th February 2024. (MFA&IC) – The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hon. Amb. Dr James Pitia Morgan, met with Ambassador Ismail Wais, the IGAD Special Envoy to South Sudan, in a productive discussion centered around the progress of the peace process and the upcoming elections in the country.

During the meeting, both parties acknowledged the crucial role played by IGAD and other regional organizations in South Sudan’s transition towards stability.

The Minister expressed gratitude for IGAD’s continued support and affirmed South Sudan’s commitment to working closely with the IGAD.

On the same note, Hon. Morgan welcomed Mr. David Kwaje, the incoming head of the IGAD mission to the Republic of South Sudan, who presented his credentials during the meeting.

The Minister commended IGAD’s significant contributions to South Sudan and the region, emphasizing the South Sudan’s focus on peace building and transitional projects for development and peace implementation.

Furthermore, the Minister highlighted the need for regional intervention in addressing the current crisis in Sudan, expressing the Government of South Sudan’s strong desire for lasting peace in the neighboring Sudan.