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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

Government, UN, review humanitarian situation in South Sudan

18 Aug 2023, Juba, SOUTH SUDAN – The government and United Nations Mission in South Sudan held their 13th monthly meetings on Friday, which focused on the humanitarian and security situation across the country, including issues of free movement of goods and services.

Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hon. Deng Dau Deng, chaired the government side, while the Deputy Secretary-General’s Special Representative, Guang Cong, led the UNMISS team.

Participants discussed obstacles towards delivery of humanitarian, as well as commercial, supplies to the needy, particularly on the Nile Sobat river. They talked about impediments such as unofficial roadblocks along most roads across the country.

Besides, they also discussed about the situation in the Protection of Civilian (POC) sites.

“We met and discussed a quiet number of issues, including issues related to security, the deputy CDF (Chief of Defence Forces) and the Inspector General of Police (IGP) gave elaborate details on the general situation across the ten states and three Administrative Areas. This was important to avoid anybody writing about the security situation in South Sudan but to get an official update from the government”, said Hon. Deng, after the meeting.

On the issue of the displaced persons, the Acting Minister noted that recent reports suggesting that many IDPs were voluntarily departing the POCs to resettle within the community indicated the improvement of security conditions in these areas.

“We also resolved that there is a need for the awareness that was given to sector commanders to be taken down to the levels of state governments, counties, payams and those disturbing people along the River Nile. I appreciate the report from the IGP on disarmament around Juba and Terekeka,” the Acting Minister pointed out.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Secretary-General’s Special Representative, Guang, expressed gratitude to the government for its efforts to improve security conditions around the country. He also hailed the partnership and level of cooperation between the government and the UN Country Teams, as they address security and humanitarian challenges facing the country.

“It is good to agree about the issue of freedom of movement, and it is good for us to come back for more sensitization, so people will be fully aware about the agreements between the government and the United Nations to ensure free movement. I wish to commend the great efforts by the government and all our counterparts from the government side for continuing this good spirit of coalition and collaboration,” he added.